Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Shampoo Review: Between Blue Lactacyd and Enfant Baby Shampoo

My one-year old daughter was using the Lactacyd Baby Wash (the blue one) since she was 4 months as her shampoo. I didn't like the smell because it smells just the same as the feminine wash. I decided to change it a few days ago to Enfant Baby Shampoo because I wanted her hair to smell better when I take whiff and not smell like something down there. Lactacyd Baby Wash did cure her of cradle cap and seems good for her skin. It's also an all around wash and that's what I like about it best so I still use it to wash her face and private parts.

The consistency of Enfant Baby Shampoo is thicker but clear. I like the smell better because it smells really light and clean. Lactacyd is easier to rinse though.

But if you're baby has cradle cap I would highly recommend Lactacyd baby Wash as an all around shampoo and wash, but if you are going for a better smelling shampoo there are many out there that you could opt to buy.
Price: Lactacyd -  PHP 109.75 for 150 ml
          Enfant: - PHP 119.75 for 150 ml

I will update this review after we use up her shampoo and then perhaps try another one so I could help you compare and choose better. 

Baby Shampoo Review: Enfant Baby Shampoo vs Nivea Extra Mild Baby Shampoo

I already made a review of Enfant Baby Shampoo vs the Blue Lactacyd in my first post. For this post, I'm comparing Enfant Baby Shampoo vs. Nivea Extra Mild Baby Shampoo.

Scent: Now that I have something to compare the Enfant Baby Shampoo with, I can say that it doesn't smell as good. It has a bit of plastic smell or a just a bit of hint of kerosene like smell. Nivea shampoo smells so much better. It's a bit tangy with floral hints.

Consistency: Nivea shampoo is lighter and easier to rinse.It's almost like Lactacyd which rinses easily.

Price: Enfant Baby Shampoo: PH P 119.75 (150 ml)
         Nivea Extra Mild Shampoo: PHP 124.75 (200 ml)

Nivea is also hypoallergenic. Though Enfant Baby Shampoo says it's all natural, it doesn't say whether it's hypoallergenic or not.

The winner for this review: Nivea. It's cheaper, hypoallergenic, lighter, easier to rinse and smells sweeter.