Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Shampoo Review: Enfant Baby Shampoo vs Nivea Extra Mild Baby Shampoo

I already made a review of Enfant Baby Shampoo vs the Blue Lactacyd in my first post. For this post, I'm comparing Enfant Baby Shampoo vs. Nivea Extra Mild Baby Shampoo.

Scent: Now that I have something to compare the Enfant Baby Shampoo with, I can say that it doesn't smell as good. It has a bit of plastic smell or a just a bit of hint of kerosene like smell. Nivea shampoo smells so much better. It's a bit tangy with floral hints.

Consistency: Nivea shampoo is lighter and easier to rinse.It's almost like Lactacyd which rinses easily.

Price: Enfant Baby Shampoo: PH P 119.75 (150 ml)
         Nivea Extra Mild Shampoo: PHP 124.75 (200 ml)

Nivea is also hypoallergenic. Though Enfant Baby Shampoo says it's all natural, it doesn't say whether it's hypoallergenic or not.

The winner for this review: Nivea. It's cheaper, hypoallergenic, lighter, easier to rinse and smells sweeter.

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